Apostrophe alterations needed

no vehicle's

Words fail me, so I’m quoting Meredith Colleges Colleges’ College’s grammar guide:

The correct use of plural and possessive forms may seem like a minor issue. Among educated persons, however, incorrect forms, especially misuses of apostrophes, stand out like red flags. One area executive has said he will not hire an applicant whose letter or resume includes such an error. ~”Patient Griselda’s Guide to Grammar” (Meredith College, NC)

{Oh, and bonus points if you find the misspelled word. Nothing like a double whammy.}

. . . . .

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#1 JoJo Tabares on 03.16.11 at 1:37 pm

What’s wron’g with tha’t?

#2 Briana on 03.16.11 at 4:52 pm

That bugs me about as much as when people misuse their, there, they’re. They’re I sai’d it!

#3 Janet on 03.16.11 at 6:04 pm

I like that grammar guide: the light of reason!

#4 Kim on 03.16.11 at 7:33 pm

You’re all too funny. “Thank’s” for stopping by!

#5 Heather on 03.22.11 at 1:05 pm

Kindred spirits! The errant apostrophe really is too much for me!

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