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Schoolhouse Expo 2011 – Teaching the timed essay

May is here . . . which means it’s time once again for the annual Schoolhouse Expo, May 16-20, 2011. The fun and festivities start TODAY! Celebrating its first anniversary, the Schoolhouse Expo is a fantastic opportunity for you to hear homeschooling experts share on all sorts of topics near and dear to your heart. The 2011 Expo theme is “Homeschooling with Heart.”

New High School Track

In addition to regular sessions of general interest, there’s also a High School Track this year.

The high school track offers practical and informative sessions by speakers whose expertise lies in the area of higher education. Encourage your high school student to join in—the Expo has some great things in store! If you currently are teaching a middle school student, this track will also help prepare you to successfully homeschool through the high school years.

Kim Kautzer on Timed Essays

I’m looking forward to sharing a session called “Teaching the Timed Essay,” which will be of interest to both parents and high schoolers.

Invite your teen to sit in on the session as I give tips and suggestions for approaching this often-overwhelming side of high school writing.

How to Participate

If you have already purchased a ticket to the live event, you can join in on the workshop “Teaching the Timed Essay” Thursday, May 19 at 1 p.m. EDT/noon CDT/10 a.m. PDT.

Live tickets are sold out, but don’t despair if you missed out. You can buy an Expo to Go ticket, which gives you access to every workshop presentation—including accompanying PowerPoint slide shows—via MP3 download. You can hear each session at your convenience—over and over, if you like.

Expo to Go tickets are available here: www.schoolhouseexpo.com/?page_id=14

Visit the WriteShop Virtual Vendor Booth for some special offers and freebies: www.schoolhouseexpo.com/?page_id=4823

See you there!

WriteShop’s homeschool conference schedule: 2011

In 2011, WriteShop will be exhibiting at 10 brick-and-mortar homeschool conventions where you can see our line of WriteShop products in person, get the skinny on our upcoming WriteShop Junior series and, at most locations, sit in on an informative workshop.

I’m also speaking at a handful of online conferences—which make a great alternative if you’re unable to attend a convention in person.

March 31-April 2: Cincinnati, OH

MidWest Homeschool Convention
Kim Kautzer is a featured speaker - ”Teaching Writing: The Big Picture”

May 2-6: Online Conference

Ultimate Homeschool Expo
Kim Kautzer is a featured speaker – “College Prep: Is Writing on Track?”

May 6-7: Arlington, TX

Home School Book Fair
Kim Kautzer is a featured speaker - “Ten Stumbling Blocks to Writing”

May 16-20: Online Conference

Schoolhouse Expo
Kim Kautzer is a featured speaker – “Teaching the Timed Essay”

May 26-28: Winston-Salem, NC

NCHE – North Carolinians for Home Education

May 26-28: Orlando, FL

FPEA – Florida Parent Educators Association
Exhibitor Workshop – Teaching Writing: The Big Picture

June 17-18: Puyallup, WA

WHO – Washington Homeschool Organization
Exhibitor Workshop – Teaching Writing: The Big Picture

June 23-25: Philadelphia, PA - CANCELLED

(We were sorry to learn that the NorthEast Homeschool Convention has been cancelled and rescheduled for 2012.)

July 14-16: Pasadena, CA

CHEA – Christian Home Educators Association of California
Exhibitor Workshop – Ten Stumbling Blocks to Writing

July 16-17: Charlotte, NC

HINTS Book Fair
Exhibitor Workshops
- Inspiring Successful Writers (K-6th)
- Inspiring Successful Writers (7th-12th)

July 22-23: Phoenix, AZ

AFHE – Arizona Families for Home Education
Exhibitor Workshop – Teaching Writing: The Big Picture

July 29-30: Modesto, CA

VHE – Valley Home Educators
Exhibitor Workshop – Ten Stumbling Blocks to Writing

Will you be attending any of these events? Let us know. And if you’ll be there in person, please come by our booth in the exhibit hall and say hello!


Fall Schoolhouse Expo 2010

The Schoolhouse Expo Is Back . . .

And it’s bigger and better than ever! With the theme “Celebrate Homeschooling,” this fabulous online homeschool conference is coming October 4-8, and you won’t want to miss it! After all, you can attend from the comfort of home–no childcare, travel expenses, or costly admission fees. Who could ask for more?

I haven’t homeschooled since my youngest graduated in 2003, but that didn’t stop me from having a blast at the live online event in May—and not just because I was one of the speakers! What made it so much fun?

  • Inspirational, encouraging, humorous, and practical workshop sessions.
  • A chat room that buzzed with excitement and comaraderie.
  • Door prizes and giveaways galore.

Bonus Preview Shows

As part of the Fall Expo, there will be two lively preview shows to kick off the October event. I’ll be speaking at the September 21 preshow. My topic is “Teaching Writing: The Big Picture.”

Homeschoolers tend to excel in so many areas, yet writing remains an admitted weakness for many of you. I’ll give you a general overview of writing for K-12, with the particular goal of encouraging and inspiring insecure parents.

In addition, I’ll talk about the steps of the writing process; what to teach and when; the importance of editing; content, style, and mechanics; and more. It’s a look at the “big picture” with helpful tips you can apply right away.

Don’t Miss It! Register Now!

Tickets for the May event sold out really quickly, so TOS is encouraging you to grab your ticket early! Plus, tickets are $5 off this week, making the live event a bargain at $19.99 and the Expo to Go MP3 package an even sweeter deal at $14.95. The live event has more perks, but either one will give you access to all the workshops for a full year.

  • Preshow #1: August 24
  • Preshow #2: September 21
  • Schoolhouse Expo: October 4-8


Hope to see you there!
~Kim Kautzer

CHN Family Expo 2010 – Ontario, CA

The CHN Family Expo returns to Ontario, CA August 5-8, 2010. This will be WriteShop’s last homeschool convention of the year—and we hope to see you there!

Families from around the state will be gathering for family fun and homeschooling encouragement at the California Homeschool Network’s annual conference, which will be held at the Ontario Marriott. 


If you’re looking for fun, creative ways to boost writing this year, I’ll be presenting a workshop at 9:30 a.m. August 6: Gone Fishing: Tips and Ideas to Motivate Young Writers.

Vendor Booth

On August 6 and 7, visit our vendor booth (#117) to ask questions, see what’s new, or browse through WriteShop books in person. Don’t forget to ask for your FREE gift! You’ll love it!

At the convention you can:

Visit the CHN website for workshop schedule, exhibit hall hours, and directions to the convention. See you there!

Ideas for expanding writing vocabulary

This morning I presented a jam-packed workshop at the Schoolhouse Expo, a virtual homeschool conference sponsored by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The hour whizzed by as I shared tons of ideas for ways to creatively introduce and expand your children’s writing vocabulary. Here are just a handful of suggestions from today’s session.

Be a Writing Role Model 

You’ve heard that if you want your children to become readers, they need to see you reading. Likewise, to raise writers, you must make sure they see you writing. When your child writes, think about stopping to write as well.

  • Draw attention to your writing. Point out times that you use writing to communicate with others.
  • Talk about writing opportunities. Explain the purpose for each kind of writing and the target audience, handwriting vs. computer, etc.
  • Let your child see you prepare for a Bible study, keep a prayer journal, or take notes during church.
  • Have your child help you write letters, even such routine ones as ordering items from an advertisement or writing a letter of praise or complaint to a company. This helps the child to see firsthand that writing is important to adults and truly useful.
  • Take time to write in your journals together.

Assign Copywork

Copywork has so many benefits, including providing students with excellent writing models. You can use various copywork passages as opportunities to look up unfamiliar words, which is a great way to naturally expand your children’s vocabulary.

You can purchase resources specifically intended for the purpose of copying. Or simply encourage copying Bible verses, hymns, favorite poems, passages of literature, or famous quotations.

Suggest Making Lists

Making lists is an effective writing tool for all ages. Most children like to create lists anyway, but writing out lists—from the mundane to the meaningful—also helps them become more organized. Taken a step further, when list-making is used as a brainstorming tool, it can even help students plan the elements of an essay or story. And it also helps build context-specific vocabulary.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Show them how you keep a calendar, make grocery lists, write daily to-do lists, add to an ongoing list of projects, etc. Then your kids can make their own lists of schoolwork, dates for soccer practice and games, family birthdays, etc.
  • They can inventory furniture in a room or items in a junk drawer, jewelry box, or medicine cabinet. Talk about different ways to name common objects.
  • Likewise, they might make lists of their various personal possessions such as baseball cards, stuffed animals, shoes, or CDs. Collections, such as seashells or Matchbox cars, often have specific or specialized names. Learning these helps contribute to vocabulary growth.
  • Another suggestion is to create word lists: Your child can begin a list with a word that describes a texture such as rough or slippery, or a character quality such as gentle, brave, or faithful. Then have him use a thesaurus to look up synonyms for that word to expand the list.

. . . . .

If you missed it, you can still get an Expo to Go ticket that will give you access to all the MP3 audios beginning May 31, 2010. It’s been a wonderful event, and I highly encourage you to grab a ticket so that you can take advantage of the encouragement and ideas that each outstanding speaker has offered. At $19.95, it’s an outstanding deal! Just click the Expo to Go image to the right. >>>

My homeschooling days are well behind me, but I still gleaned so much from the excellent sessions. Hope you take advantage of “Expo to Go”!

Photo courtesy of StockXchg.

EXPO ticket giveaway winners!

The Schoolhouse Expo

I’m super excited to announce the winners of our great giveaway! Congrats to Mrs. E and Heidemarie. You’ll both be receiving a ticket to the Schoolhouse EXPO.

Thanks to all who participated! I wish I could have given a spot to each and every one of you. Read on to find out how you can still take advantage of the EXPO for just $19.99.

It’s Not Too Late!

I invite you to join me—and a host of other favorite speakers—at this exciting virtual homeschool conference. As one of the workshop presenters, I look forward to sharing tips and ideas on Growing Your Child’s Writing Vocabulary.

The Schoolhouse EXPO live event is now sold out. BUT you can still get a “Recorded Ticket” to the event. You will receive an MP3 with all the sessions, along with a wonderful selection of free gifts.

A Year’s Worth of Perks

Sponsored by The Old Schoolhouse magazine, and featuring a stellar lineup of speakers, the Schoolhouse Expo offers all the perks of a homeschool conference—but without the hassle—including:

  • Popular session speakers like Susan Wise Bauer, Diana Waring, and Todd Wilson. (All sessions will be recorded. You can listen all year long to your favorite speakers and workshops.)
  • Vendor booths
  • Virtual goodie bag loaded with vendor freebies
  • Coupons and discounts
  • And so much more!

The Schoolhouse Expo will help your home and homeschool run more smoothly with suggestions, encouragement, and practical, how-to information—all from a solid, Christian perspective. You won’t want to miss this amazing virtual homeschooling experience!

How to Register for the Recorded Event

Though the live event is sold out, you can now register for the Recorded Schoolhouse EXPO event. This will give you access to all the audio sessions and handouts, as well as a virtual goodie bag of exciting and valuable freebies, and it’s only $19.99!

To register, follow this link. You’ll see two “Register Today” images. Click one that does NOT say “Sold Out.” It will take you to a page where you can register for the Recorded Event and freebies.

Schoolhouse Expo and Digital Supscription to The Old Schoolouse Magazine

Central Coast Home Education Conference – April 10, 2010

Convention season is upon us! WriteShop is exhibiting at our first conference of the year this Saturday, April 10, 2010—at the Central Coast Home Education Conference in lovely Santa Maria, California.

In addition, I’ll be speaking several times throughout the day. Join me for the following workshops:

  • Writing Games (general interest)
  • Beat the Clock: Effective Tips for Writing Timed Essays (for teens and their parents)
  • College Prep: Is Writing on Track? (for teens and their parents)

Visit the Central Coast Home Education Conference website for more information. Hope to see you there!


Schoolhouse Expo 2010 – Virtual homeschool conference

Schoolhouse Expo and Digital Supscription to The Old Schoolouse MagazineLike the idea of attending a homeschool convention?

Hate the thought of paying high registration fees, incurring travel expenses, and figuring out child care while you’re gone?

Then you’ll love the Schoolhouse Expo!

Schoolhouse Expo 2010

Whether you live internationally, rurally, or attend a local convention offered to your community, you won’t want to miss The Schoolhouse Expo.

Convenient. Sponsored by The Old Schoolhouse magazine, and featuring a stellar lineup of speakers, the Schoolhouse Expo offers all the perks of a homeschool conference—but without the hassle—including:

  • Popular keynote speakers like Susan Wise Bauer, Diana Waring, and Todd Wilson
  • Vendor booths
  • Freebies
  • Door prizes
  • And so much more!

Flexible. Unable to listen to all the sessions live? The Schoolhouse Expo lets you choose! All sessions will be recorded. Plan to attend some sessions live, and then listen to any or all workshop audios at your convenience—all year long.

Practical. The Schoolhouse Expo will help your home and homeschool run more smoothly with suggestions, encouragement, and practical, how-to information. You’ll enjoy the fresh ideas, camaraderie, and affirmation that homeschooling works—all from a solid, Christian perspective.

Join WriteShop at the Expo

  • Attend Kim’s workshop. As one of the featured speakers, I’m excited to share tips and ideas on Growing Your Child’s Writing Vocabulary. The live session will include a Q and A time.
  • Visit WriteShop’s virtual vendor booth.
  • Chance to win a WriteShop door prize: $50 gift certificate

Early Bird Registration

Register early. Get some special perks—and a $5 discount if you register by March 31, 2010. Regularly $24.99, attendance is only $19.99. Take advantage of this limited-time offer by registering now—and I’ll see you at the Schoolhouse Expo!

Schoolhouse Expo and Digital Supscription to The Old Schoolouse Magazine

Say What You Mean Convention coming Feb. 3

Three Flavors of Communication

Writing. Speech. Conversation. These “Three Flavors of Communication” provide the theme of the 5th Annual Say What You Mean Convention, which brings you a day packed with learning and laughter.

Sponsored by Art of Eloquence, this annual online convention offers keynote speakers, live workshops, and pre-recorded audios designed to equip you and your children with stronger communication skills.  The conference is peppered throughout the day with exciting activities such as contests, giveaways, fun, and fellowship.

Date: Wednesday, February 3
Time: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST / 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST

Workshops by Kim Kautzer

I’m excited to share that I’m one of the hosts and speakers again this year. That means you’ll get to hear me present four all-new workshops!

  • Writing Skills: More Important Than Ever!
  • How to Wrte a Speech
  • Speak the Truth in Love
  • The Lazy Student: What’s a Mom to Do?

Live Seminars

Most of the live seminars will also be recorded for later, but if you’re listening in live, you can win bonus gifts. Plus, you won’t want to miss the Michael Jr. live interview, which will NOT be recorded at all.

  • 8am PST/11am EST – Interview with Christian comedian Michael Jr. on Faith and Humor
  • 10am PST/1pm EST  – JoJo Tabares  of Art of Eloquence “The Three Flavors of Communication: Writing, Speech, and Conversation”
  • 12pm PST/3pm EST – Cindy Rushton of Talk-a-Latte ”Building a Passionate, Forever, Happier, and Happier-Ever-After Marriage”
  • 2pm PST/5pm EST Joan Rudder-Ward of Girl Nurture “The Heat is On: Techniques to Protect You and Your Daughter from Becoming Culture War Casualties.”
  • 4pm PST/7pm EST Kim Kautzer of WriteShop “Writing Skills: More Important than Ever!”
  • 6pm PST/9pm EST Prayer Chat

Pre-recorded Audios

Read the descriptions of each talk here. The audios will be available at the Say What You Mean Convention website for one year!

  • How to Tailor Your Writing for Effectiveness
  • The Lazy Student: What’s a Mom to Do?
  • What Good Is a Speech Course If Your Kids Won’t Use It?
  • How to Write a Speech
  • Conversation: The Most Important Communication
  • Speak the Truth in Love
  • What Most Apologetics Courses Don’t Teach You
  • Talking vs. Communicating
  • Listening: THE Most Important Communication Skill
  • Humor: A Powerful Communication Tool
  • Avoiding, Reducing and Healing Conflicts
  • What It Takes to Be a Great Communicator

And More!

Homeschool Conventions 2009: NC & So Cal

The second weekend of July will find WriteShop exhibiting at two homeschool conventions on opposite coasts. Join us!

HINTS – Matthews, NC

North Carolina homeschoolers, especially if you live in the Charlotte area, will not want to miss the wonderful local HINTS Book Fair July 10-11 at Christ Covenant Church. Admission is only $5.00!

CHEA – Long Beach, CALong Beach, CA

If you homeschool in Southern California, you know that the CHEA Convention is one of the highlights of the year! With a great lineup of speakers and all sorts of curriculum exhibitors, you won’t want to miss this extra-special 26th annual event July 9-11. Visit www.cheaofca.org for convention schedule, printable syllabus pages, and more.

A homeschool conference is the perfect time to stop by our booth to ask questions, see what’s new, or browse through WriteShop books in person.

At these local conventions, you can:

  • See our full line of WriteShop products.
  • Purchase the BRAND-NEW WriteShop Primary Book B!
  • Learn how you can teach a WriteShop co-op class in your area.
  • Receive much-needed encouragement about teaching writing.

Don’t forget to check WriteShop’s convention schedule to see where we’ll be next!

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