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Sonbeams interviews Kim Kautzer

I just finished doing a fun interview with Candace of Sonbeams. She asked me a bunch of questions and I answered away!

Here’s your chance to get to know me (and WriteShop) a little better and to read Candace’s review of WriteShop Primary. Click on over! (And pssst . . . there’s a coupon code too.)

Sonbeams interview with Kim Kautzer

And make sure to visit Candace’s Sonbeams website if you’re homeschooling preschoolers. Her site has tons of ideas and resources!

Interview with author Nancy I. Sanders

Nancy SandersEven though you may never have met Nancy I. Sanders face to face, many of you already know and love her as the author of our WriteShop Primary series. Eager to introduce you to this warm, wise, and wonderful woman, I first interviewed Nancy when we were preparing to release WriteShop Primary Book A.

With WriteShop Primary Book B recently published in July, and Book C slated for release in just two weeks, I have that opportunity once again. This time, however, In Our Write Minds is honored to be a featured stop on Nancy’s virtual book tour, as she has just released her latest winner: Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career.

This jam-packed book with the long title is just as long on practical, simple, time-tested strategies anyone can use to become a published children’s author. The most exciting part? By following Nancy’s tried-and-true method, you will learn how to sign a contract with a publisher before your book is even written! Join me as we learn more about Nancy and Yes! You Can.

Q: Nancy, you’ve written over 75 books for both children and adults. Do you have a favorite genre?

A: I love variety! Right now I’m enjoying writing picture books, but I always love to work on different manuscripts and write for different markets. Some of my favorites include beginning readers and Bible stories. And I love writing board books for babies.

3 covers A-B-C (wide space)

I also love to teach others how to write—from young children to adult. That’s why I especially enjoyed writing the WriteShop Primary books and am eager to write the upcoming WriteShop Junior program as well.

Q: I’m curious—what motivated you to create a “how-to” book for children’s writers?

A: Since I’ve led various critique groups for over 15 years, I’m always trying to help the writers in my group—as well as writers I connect with—to meet their personal goals and experience a measure of success. On my blog, I frequently write posts to answer questions writers send my way or to encourage writers each step of the way. One day a publisher contacted me, said she had been reading my blog, and offered me a book contract for the material based on my blog! Thus, my new book, Yes! You Can, was born.

Q: I know you have a heart to come alongside others to help and encourage them. Who, in particular, should read your new book?

A: I wrote my book for the very beginning writer who just has a spark of the dream to write. I also wrote it for people who have been writing for years but just can’t seem to make the jump to the next level of their career. Plus I wrote it for everyone in between. I have a tip at the end of each section for beginning writers and also for professionals to help each level apply the strategies I recommend to build a successful career. For my Writer’s Pyramid approach to time management and focus, I offer strategies for writers who can spend just one hour a day and also strategies for writers who can write 40 hours a week. I geared this book to speak directly to each writer at the exact stage each person is in her career.

Q: Could this be a resource for the homeschool market? How might your new book benefit homeschooling families?

A: It’s amazing how many famous authors wanted to be writers as kids. Because Yes! You Can is geared toward beginning writers, it’s a great resource to give to teens who have that interest or desire to write. They’ll find out about the real world of a writer and will also be encouraged to start following their dreams. Plus, because the book is jam-packed with key information about the industry of writing, they’ll have a handy reference to follow if they want to actually start submitting manuscripts to publishers. There are so many practical step-by-step methods included within the various chapters that it’s also a great teaching resource for a “Writing to Get Published” program. In fact, various universities are starting to consider using it for their writing classes, and one already is!

Yes! You Can is also a perfect resource for homeschooling moms and dads who want to write a book. There are so many adults who have a great book idea but don’t have the faintest idea what to do about it. This book shows them where to start and what direction to go.

Q: Although Yes! You Can has only been available for a few months, do have any success stories to share yet?

A: The strategies in my book are tried and true in that they have worked for me over the years. But not only have they worked for me, these are the strategies that many of the members in my critique groups use. There are so many success stories I could share—from how one member of my critique group landed her very first book contract with the very first publisher she contacted. Other members have gone from not having anything published for years to now writing for top magazines or getting published regularly and actually getting paid for it. One gal followed the advice on my blog and signed her first book contract this summer. And recently, someone I do not know posted the following comment on my blog—it’s probably the best success story I’ve heard of yet!

I’m on Chapter 11 of your book. I love it! You have changed my whole approach to writing for children. By the end of Chapter 2, I started to try your methods. I landed a book contract that same week using your strategies! My whole critique group is buying your book now. I think you may be pioneering a new era. Thank you so much. -Jennifer

How encouraging—and what a testimony to Nancy’s desire to help others write their own success stories. Editors and authors alike are acclaiming Nancy’s new book—so much so that she often sells out whenever she speaks! You can find her WriteShop Primary books in the WriteShop store.

Six People, One Idea, and 3000 Miles

Grace Talk SoupWoohoo! Tomorrow we’ll be guests on the podcast Grace Talk Soup, and we invite you to join us LIVE!

Host JoJo Tabares will interview our WriteShop Primary team, giving you a chance to find out how we pulled off this project with “six people, one idea, and 3000 miles.”

You’ll get to meet me and Debbie, of course, but Nancy Sanders and David Borrink will be joining us too. You’ll hear our personal testimonies and find out just what’s involved in moving a book from the author’s head and onto your bookshelf!

    When: Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. EDT
    Episode Description: Kim Kautzer and Debbie Oldar of WriteShop join JoJo to discuss their newest project and how it took effective communication between them, author Nancy Sanders, and graphic designer David Borrink. Tune in as they discuss their new younger-level writing curriculum and what it took to get that project published.

Join the Fun!

Want to ask us some questions? Guess what? You can call in too!

How to join the show live via the phone:
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 19736

How to join the show live via your computer:
Click on the Listen Now button anytime starting 15 min before the show

And here’s how to listen to any of the past shows:
Scroll down to the “Past Shows” and click one of the orange “Listen” buttons.

Hope to see you there!

Interview with an editor, part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our interview with the very versatile Sallie Borrink! Sallie is the “other half” of Arts & Letters, Inc. (along with hubby David), and is doing such a wonderful job editing our WriteShop Primary books. 

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday and learn a bit about Sallie’s homeschooling philosophy, her thoughts on WriteShop Primary, and how she manages life with an active toddler in tow! Continue reading →

Interview with an editor, part 1

Writer. Editor. Wife. Mom. Homemaker. Five words that help describe Sallie Borrink, our new friend and WriteShop Primary editor.

Sallie, who’s married to David (our graphic designer), finds herself continually evaluating and adjusting her busy schedule as she learns to make time for each of these personal passions. So come share a cup of tea with Sallie and me as we talk about the many hats she wears. As a bonus, you just might learn a tip or two about editing yourself! Continue reading →

Homeschool writing contests

Big Things Come in Small Packages

You will LOVE meeting Molly Fox! This young entrepreneur created a fantastic website, HomeschoolWriters.com, featuring a one-stop shop for dozens of writing contests for homeschool students.

Molly Fox, homeschool writing contestsI’m so glad you joined me today for this very special interview with Molly (pictured right). And once you’ve seen her thoughtful and articulate answers and visited her website, you’ll find it hard to believe she’s just eleven years old!

So pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of cocoa, and come along with me to meet this extraordinary young lady!

Kim: Welcome, Molly! I’m looking forward to our interview today. First, I’d love to hear how you decided to launch a website centered on homeschool writing contests. Continue reading →

An interview with David Borrink

David Borrink is the owner of Arts & Letters, Inc, a small company that specializes in graphic design and editing services.  We’ve just loved working with him on WriteShop Primary and watching the project unfold under his designer’s eye.

You and I are so used to zipping down to the store (any store) and buying just about anything ready-made, from food products to clothing to books, yet we rarely think about how those items got there! So I thought it might be fun for you to become a fly on David’s wall and learn how a book actually comes into being. Continue reading →

An interview with Nancy I. Sanders

Nancy I. SandersNancy I. Sanders is a prolific writer who, we’re thrilled to announce, has developed a fabulous primary-level writing curriculum for us. Hurrah! We’re on pins and needles as we enter the final stretch of last-minute editing, page layout, and cover design in preparation for an April release of the first in the series: WriteShop Primary Book A. It’s just so exciting! And the timing couldn’t be better, as it coincides with Nancy’s Virtual Book Tour. When we discovered she was hosting her blog tour, we just knew we had to invite her for a visit. So without further ado, let’s meet Nancy! Continue reading →


Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow, February 25, for a wonderful interview with author Nancy I. Sanders. Nancy has written over 70 books and numerous articles for such noted publishers as Focus on the Family, Scholastic, and Sleeping Bear Press. We’re delighted to introduce her as the author of our newest (and soon-to-be-released) series, WriteShop Primary, for K-2nd grades.

In addition to getting a sneak peek into WriteShop Primary, you’ll also learn a fun lesson in using picture books to help your early elementary children learn to write.

See you tomorrow!

Introducing Nancy Sanders

It may surprise you to learn that we never actually planned to enter this world of writing and publishing—though it was evidently in God’s mind that we should do so! Once we were on board with him, we could fairly hear him call, “Hang onto your hats, girls. Here we go!” And eight years later…well, here we are!

Just as we never intentionally set out to write a curriculum for secondary students, we decided we’d never produce any younger levels of the program either. After all, Debbie and I were empty nesters, far removed from the days of homeschooling our own young children. Continue reading →

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