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4 story starters to inspire young writers

These story starters will inspire young writers to imagine tales of outdoor adventure, mystery, and discovery!

SUNLIT beaches, grassy hillsides, and old-fashioned gardens have inspired plenty of stories over the years. Give young writers a chance to craft their own outdoor adventure tales with these four story starters. We provide the first line of each paragraph. A child’s imagination will fill in the rest!

1. Secret of the Blue Cocoon

Wherever the butterfly landed, strange events seemed to follow.

2. A Kite’s Quest

“Where are you going?” the wind asked the runaway kite.

3. High Tea Mystery

The garden party invitation was clear: Bring your own teacup and your own fingerprint kit.

4. Clue at the Picnic

When I sliced the watermelon open, I never expected to find a secret message inside.

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Photo: Piotr P, courtesy of Creative Commons

“I Spy” writing prompts

Kid-friendly writing prompts that celebrate the little things under our feet!

From rocks to beads to LEGO bricks, little things pop up everywhere when there are kids in the house! Encourage your youngsters to journal about their tiny treasures and other bits and pieces with these seven “I Spy” writing prompts.

Tiny Treasures

1. Make a list of things you might find under the couch or between the cushions. Draw a picture of something you could create with these objects.

2. Hide a pile of pennies, nickels, and dimes somewhere in your house. Write three to five clues to help your siblings find the coins, and send them on a treasure hunt.

3. This morning, you opened a freshwater oyster and found a diamond ring instead of a pearl. Will you keep the ring, sell it, or try to find its original owner? Explain your answer.

Bits and Pieces

1. You just received a box in the mail filled with bags of chocolate chips, raisins, and sunflower seeds. Invent a new recipe that includes these ingredients, and describe the taste and appearance of the finished product.

2. During World War II, kids collected scrap metal and rubber to help the war effort. Imagine you and your friends spent the last four hours collecting rubber bands, foil candy wrappers, hairpins, bits of wire, and empty toothpaste tubes. Write a journal entry about your day.

3. Some people claim that humans should eat more insects, which are good little sources of protein and vitamins. Do you think this is a wise idea? Why or why not?

4. Did you know that May 29 is National Paperclip Day? Write about three unusual ways you could use a paperclip next week. (In case you’re wondering, the world record for the longest paperclip chain created by one person in one day is 54,030 paperclips.)

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Photo: Robert Couse-Baker, courtesy of Creative Commons

Writing prompts about flight

Kids will love journaling about adventures through space!

Do your kids dream of skydiving, piloting jet aircraft, or orbiting the earth in astronaut suits? Then these writing prompts about flight will help them take wing!

1. Mile-High Celebration

A skywriting pilot wants to create a message in the sky for a new high school graduate. Make a list of five short sentences (two to three words each) the pilot could choose from.

2. Not in Kansas Anymore

You and a friend just won a free trip on hot air balloon. Where will you go? What will you see and do when you get there?

3. Free Fall

In 2012, Felix Baumgartner made a skydive jump from an altitude of 128,097 feet—about 24 miles above the Earth. After four minutes in the air, he deployed his parachute and drifted safely down. Imagine you watched the jump from the Roswell, New Mexico mission control. What concerns and thoughts would have entered your mind? What would you have asked Felix when he landed?

4. I’m an Earth Orbiter

You are an astronaut living and working in the International Space Station. Journal about a day in your life. Do you feel isolated up in space, or exhilarated by your scientific projects? How do you feel about sharing tight living spaces with five other crew members? How do you fill your free time?

5. The Sky’s the Limit

From the Wright Brothers to the Tuskegee Airmen, from Charles Lindbergh to James Doolittle, the history of aviation is filled with ingenious inventors, expert engineers, and courageous heroes. Write about one aspect of aviation that you would like to learn more about. Be creative: military reconnaissance, jet design, control tower operation, and airline customer service are all excellent topics.

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Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, courtesy of Creative Commons

Pick a Prompt! Free writing printable for kids

Pick a Prompt: Free Printable Writing Prompts!

May is a great month for picking flowers … or for picking fun writing prompts for children! So this month we’re offering a printable with not just one, but 6 different journal prompts to choose from!

Kids can cut apart the printable and draw a new prompt each week, or pick one each day and color the square after it is completed.

May Free Printable Writing Prompts

Click the image above to download the “Pick a Prompt” free writing printable. If you would like to share this poetry printable with others, link to this post. Do not link directly to the PDF file. Feel free to print this PDF file for your own personal use. Please do not sell or host these files anywhere else.

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Shakespeare journal prompts

High School students can bring literary characters to life with creative Shakespeare journal prompts.

GREAT actors use many techniques to get inside the minds of their characters. With these Shakespeare journal prompts, high schoolers can learn firsthand how writing helps actors bring characters to life!

1. Fairy Antics

You are the mischievous fairy Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You just learned that you applied a love potion to the wrong young man, and now two men are pursuing the same woman! Journal about your reactions to your mistake. Are you a little bit sorry? Are you looking forward to a day of entertaining mix-ups? Are you confident you can fix your mistake?

2. Midnight Meeting

In the first scene of Hamlet, two night guards convince Horatio to watch for a ghost who resembles the dead king. When the ghost appears, Horatio commands it to speak. You are Horatio. Write about your thoughts when you first call to the ghost. Are you truly afraid or simply curious? Do you believe in ghosts, or do you suspect the guards are playing tricks on you?

3. Word Games

When the English King Henry courts the French princess Katherine in King Henry V, he speaks very little French and she speaks very little English. You are Katherine. Journal about your thoughts during your conversation with your future husband. Are you shy, hopeful, or confused? Do you use all your language skills, or do you pretend to know less English than you really do?

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Photo: Brian Wright, courtesy of Creative Commons

Minecraft writing prompts

Minecraft writing prompts that will inspire kids to describe, make lists, compare and contrast, and write diary entries {via WriteShop}

Put an educational spin on your kids’ favorite sandbox game with a creative writing activity. I’m willing to bet these Minecraft writing prompts will spark enthusiasm in the most reluctant writer!

1. Reap What You Sow

As a Minecraft crop farmer, you’re getting tired of beets, potatoes, and carrots. If you could sow three brand-new crops, what would you choose to grow? Explain what you will have to do to harvest your new crops.

2. The Choice is “Mine”

Do you prefer playing Minecraft in Survival mode or Creative mode? Write one or two paragraphs explaining your reasons. Before you start writing, make a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts these two modes.

3. Toolbelt Tactics

Would you rather build a castle, a tree house, or a bridge? Describe the Minecraft tools, materials, and supplies you will need to accomplish your goal.

4. Dear Diary

A website is sponsoring a Minecraft writing contest and awarding a prize of 2000 gold nuggets to the winner.

  1. Write a diary or journal entry describing your most exciting Minecraft adventure.
  2. Record your entry using Minecraft’s Book and Quill.
  3. You may include up to three entries in your diary.

5. Making a House a Home

It’s time to decorate your Minecraft house! Make a list of 10 structural features you want to include, such as wood floors or a glass roof. Then make a list of 10 decorating ideas, such as lighting and furniture.

More Minecraft Writing Prompts to tempt even the most reluctant writer!If your kids have enjoyed these Minecraft activities, follow the link to another fun set of Minecraft writing prompts. Also, be sure to check back each week for more Writing Prompt Wednesdays!

Image: Linus Bohman, courtesy of Creative Commons

Writing prompts from the life of Christ

Writing prompts from the life of Christ can help kids dig deeper in their faith!

As we prepare our hearts for Easter, we read the Gospels and remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Help your kids dig deeper in their faith with these writing prompts from the life of Christ.

1. Consider the Lilies

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught that our Heavenly Father does not want us to spend our lives worrying. Write a paragraph about how worrying never solves problems.

2. Praying Always

Even when He was tired or busy, Jesus always made prayer His highest priority. Write a poem about different times and places you can pray. Your poem should be four to eight lines and each line must begin with a preposition (such as “around,” “before,” “between,” “under,” and “until”). Your preposition poem does not need to rhyme.

3. A Servant’s Heart

Jesus demonstrated humility when He left heaven to be born in a stable, when He shared a meal with unpopular tax collectors, and when He washed the disciples’ feet.  Make a list of ways you can show humility this week. Remember, humility is the character quality that helps us see other people as more important than ourselves.

4. Almighty King

When Jesus Christ rose to life after three days in the grave, He proved that He was no ordinary man–He is the King who rules over all. Make a word bank of nouns, adjectives, and verbs that remind of you of this King. (If you need a few ideas, read Isaiah 9:6-7.)

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Photos: Liz West (lily), Image Editor (hands), Trevor Leyenhorst (feet), and Jason Train (crown), courtesy of Creative Commons

Writing prompts about robots

Robots that clean your house? Medical nanobots that swim through the body? Get kids excited about science with these robot-themed writing prompts!

WE’RE CELEBRATING the spirit of innovation in honor of National Robotics Week! Get your kids excited about science with these writing prompts about robots.

1. Meet Harvey & Simon

Choose one of the real-world robots from this set of free trading cards. Write a story about this amazing machine, using at least three of the following phrases: slippery slope, wild stampede, medal of honor, heat wave, orphan boy, computer hacker, and user manual.

2. Clean Sweep

A ladies’ magazine has announced a contest for the best original robot to help with a household chore. Describe your entry and the ways it will make housekeeping easier.

3. Life and Death Lists

In science fiction, The Three Laws of Robotics begin with this rule: A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Make a list of books, movies, and comic strips that follow this rule. Make a second list of stories that break the rule. Which are your favorites?

4. Invisible Friends

Today’s medical engineers are developing nanobots small enough to travel through the human bloodstream. These tiny robots can carry medicines to hard-to-reach areas of the body such as brain tissues. Imagine you are a medical nanobot, and write a journal entry about a day in your life.

5. The Workforce of Tomorrow

In your opinion, should we develop robots to replace human jobs in factories, warehouses, and fast food restaurants? Why or why not?

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Photo: Don DeBold, courtesy of Creative Commons

Free Printable Spring Writing Prompt

Sharpen your storytelling skills with this month’s free printable writing prompt! How many words from the list can you include in your springtime tale?

Spring printable writing prompt from WriteShop

Click the image above to download the “Spring Storytelling” writing prompt. If you would like to share this spring writing prompt with others, link to this post. Do not link directly to the PDF file. Feel free to print this PDF file for your own personal use. Please do not sell or host these files anywhere else.

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Detective writing prompts

Kids who love a good mystery will dive right into these detective writing prompts.

DO your kids go crazy for mystery stories? Do they dream of becoming world-famous super sleuths? If so, these detective writing prompts are sure to please!

1.Tricks of the Trade

Imagine you are a private investigator who must gather clues for a strange case in a quiet fishing village. Describe how you will you dress, act, and speak to blend in with the local residents.

2. The Art of Deduction

Ask a family member if you can borrow a purse or a pair of shoes. After studying these items, write down everything you can learn about their owner using only your senses of sight, touch, and smell.

3. Secret Weapons

Technology provides modern-day detectives with many tools they simply didn’t have two hundred years ago. Compare and contrast the objects on a detective’s desk in Victorian England with the items in a detective’s office today.

4. The Jury is Out

In your opinion, should a detective be excused for breaking the law if his actions result in punishment for criminals and justice for the innocent? Develop your answer in paragraph form.

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Photo: Images Money, courtesy of Creative Commons
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