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Wake up those tired words

Make a pocket chart word bank to help kids choose strong, descriptive synonyms instead of weak, overused, or tired words.

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Do your kids regularly fill their sentences with ho-hum words like big, happy, nice, walked, and said? Here’s a fabulous idea for a pocket word bank to help children choose more concrete synonyms instead.

Thesaurus.com is a perfect place to begin gathering synonyms.

  1. Enter a word your kids tend to overuse.
  2. Browse the various lists and pick out a handful of reasonable synonyms.
  3. Type them up using a large, clear font.
  4. Print out the words and cut them into strips, laminating them so they hold up longer.

Or, if you’d like to add an excellent thesaurus to your family bookshelf, take a look at The Synonym Finder.

A “Good” Illustration

Let’s use good as an example, since it’s often overused. It’s convenient and easy to write good friend, good snack, good worker, or good child, even though the word good means different things each time.

But just think! With a few synonyms at their disposal, your children can choose much stronger, more specific words instead:

Make a pocket chart word bank to help kids choose strong, descriptive synonyms instead of weak, overused, or tired words.

Tired Words pocket chart

  • honorable
  • marvelous
  • pleasing
  • competent
  • virtuous
  • skillful
  • healthy
  • wholesome
  • reliable
  • friendly
  • kindhearted
  • gracious
  • obedient
  • well-mannered

Now they can describe a kindhearted friend, healthy snack, skillful worker, or obedient child. Not only will their writing improve, their vocabulary will grow too!

Pop over to Cheryl Sigmon’s website to check out a closeup photo and make a Tired Words pocket chart of your own. In no time, you’ll begin to see more descriptive, lively words spilling from your kids’ pens!

Photo: Karen Ho, courtesy of Creative Commons

A gathering of adjectives | Writing activity

Neon adjective

A couple of days ago I talked about the importance of helping your children develop their writing vocabularies through the use of writing games and word banks. Here’s an activity that serves both purposes: It’s a vocabulary-building game that helps your kids create word lists of their own—specifically, a gathering of adjectives. You can play this game with students of all ages. Continue reading →

Growing your child’s writing vocabulary

Word bankA student who writes from a rich supply of words learns to express herself exactly as she intends. At the same time, she makes way for her reader to understand subtle shades of meaning.

Word Banks 

Word banks are such great tools for helping kids expand their writing vocabulary. When a student is tempted to reuse a familiar word because she can’t think of any others, a word bank can prove helpful by reminding her of alternative words she already knows but can’t quite pluck from the edges of her mind. Continue reading →

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