I’m nominated!

Overflowing-inbox Monday.
Piles-of-laundry Monday.
Rainy, drizzly, mountains-shrouded-in-fog Monday.

You’ve-been-nominated-for-a-blog-award Monday.


Just when Monday was threatening to overtake me by storm, I learned that In Our Write Minds has been nominated for a 2010 Homeschool Blog Award in the “Best Curriculum and Business Blog” category.

I’m humbled and thrilled at the same time!

If my blog has blessed or encouraged you this past year, I’d be honored to have your vote. Voting ends November 18.


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#1 Janet on 11.08.10 at 12:12 pm

Hi, Kim!

Congratulations! I only hope that one day my fledgling web efforts will be as inspirational to others as your blog has been to me! :)

#2 Kim on 11.08.10 at 12:48 pm

Thank you so much, Janet. I know it will be; it’s rich with ideas and helps born out of your many years of experience!

#3 JoJo Tabares on 11.08.10 at 1:44 pm

Congratulations! I voted for you!

#4 Nancy on 11.12.10 at 6:51 pm

Way to go, Kim! I voted for you. :O)

#5 Kim on 11.12.10 at 9:01 pm

Why, thank you, JoJo and Nancy! I take that as the highest of compliments.

#6 nota supermom on 11.12.10 at 9:07 pm

Voted! I love your blog and am thrilled to come upon it.

#7 Kim on 11.13.10 at 4:44 pm

Thank you so much! I just discovered your blog myself. Love. love your sense of humor and your honest approach. And that you want a purse that roasts chickens. LOL!

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