In generaral need of spell check

In generaral, I hope his concrete work is better than his spelling.

And by the way—are you in the market for a new “dryway”?

. . . . .

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#1 JoJo Tabares on 09.01.10 at 4:34 pm

He does “Grate” work.

#2 Bobbi on 09.01.10 at 6:08 pm

His concrete work will generarally crack you up before it cracks up

#3 Kim on 09.03.10 at 7:55 am

Hehe. I see we have a couple of comediennes in the group!

#4 Pat VanderBeek on 09.08.10 at 1:05 pm

No, I don’t need a new dryway, but generarally speaking, I do need some concrete work done.

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