Wordless Wednesday – A flower grows in Brooklyn

This is what happens when poor spelling collides with a New York accent.

. . . . .

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#1 Heidi (TOS) on 09.16.09 at 4:37 am

LOL! Makes you really want to buy those flowers, huh?

#2 Pat VanderBeek on 09.16.09 at 8:21 am

I really and truly laughed out loud at this sign, as I do when I see most of your Bad Signage posts. Without the commentary, I might have only laughed inside my head.

#3 Kim on 09.16.09 at 10:03 am

This one I owe to my daughter Janel, dry and witty as she is. She will be helping with Wordless Wednesdays, and her commentary is usually way funnier than mine! LOL!

#4 Leanne on 03.17.10 at 7:26 pm

This doesn’t sound like it should have come from a New Yorker. It smacks of a backwoods redneck! Believe me, I should know, hailing from Southeast Texas.

#5 Kim on 03.17.10 at 10:36 pm

My stepdad is from Brooklyn. If he were using the word in a sentence, he’d say, “Is that a hydranger in front of your house?”

But I can totally hear that drawlin’ hah-drain-ger too! Thanks for the chuckle, Leanne!

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