WriteShop Junior Book E – Coming soon!

Coming Soon! WriteShop Jr Book E: engaging, hands-on creative writing program to guide 4th-6th graders through the writing process

Quotation Marks“One of the best things about WriteShop is the confidence built through small steps, ‘line upon line, precept upon precept!’” –Tammy, Florida

WriteShop Junior Book E

Have you been eagerly awaiting the second level of the WriteShop Junior series? Though we’re not quite ready to start taking pre-orders, we did want to announce that Book E’s release is right around the corner!

Exciting news! But we need to be honest and say we don’t have a definite date yet. Originally, we thought Book E would be ready a year ago. Then we hoped to publish it in time for the current school year. With all its myriad pieces, the project has taken much longer than anticipated, and believe me, it’s nice to be nearing the finish line.

Details, Details

Where, exactly, are we in the publishing process? The Teacher’s Guide will be going to print in the next few weeks. The Student Activity Pack (over 130 pages) is still in various stages of final editing, but (hurrah!) it’s mostly finished. Our wonderful illustrator, Deborah Thomson, and graphic designer, Becky Thomson, have created top-notch worksheets you and your kids will just love. (Scroll down to download a FREE lesson!)

Quality is important to us. This means spending hours poring over details, proofreading and tweaking to make Book E a pleasure for moms to teach and a joy for children to use. If you can be patient for just a while longer, you’ll be rewarded for the wait with a stellar upper-elementary homeschool writing program. Author Nancy I. Sanders has done it again: WriteShop Junior Book E is absolutely incredible!

Parent Testimonials

Don’t just take it from us. The moms who test-drove WriteShop Junior Book E can say it way better:

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“My own feelings of inadequacy in the area of writing quickly faded away. Heartfelt thanks for creating WriteShop for moms like me!”
–Tammy, New Mexico

“My son says, ‘I love WriteShop! If you learn to do it right, writing’s not so scary.’ I don’t know what that says about my instruction in the past, but I know it says a lot about
WriteShop Junior!” –Jennifer, Illinois

“I am amazed at the progress my daughter has made
in her writing. Her confidence has increased, and it shows
in other areas, too.” –Hillary, Indiana

About WriteShop Junior

Appeals to Different Learning Styles

WriteShop Junior is a creative writing program that appeals to many learning styles. As with all WriteShop products, Book E helps you guide your kids through the steps of the writing process. To keep it fun for everyone, every lesson includes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic games and activities that teach and review key writing and self-editing skills. The best part? Your children will learn to love writing.

“I am so pleased … This was a great program—better than anything we’ve tried. It kept her engaged and interested. I think WriteShop Junior
is amazing!” –Mary, Pennsylvania

“My 5th grader really gained confidence in editing her own work. She also exclaimed often how much she loves WriteShop. This is a girl who really has not enjoyed writing before now.”
– Heather, New York

Appeals to Different Ages and Skill Levels

Whether you have a more advanced child or one who is just beginning, the program is flexible so children can work at their own level. Book E is recommended for 4th and 5th grade, but many of our test families used it successfully with 6th and 7th graders as well. Parents also appreciated being able to use the program with children who learn with difficulty:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.
“My son is very challenging to homeschool so I
am very surprised by his response to this curriculum. He LOVES it! The creativity WriteShop adds to each lesson is a plus for our family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” –Michelle M., Florida

“Love, love WriteShop. I think it ‘fits’ every child … even my high-functioning special needs boys. Excellent product!”
–Deborah, Texas

What Kinds of Writing Does Book E Teach?

Book E has 10 lessons (chapters). Most parents choose the schedule that spreads each lesson over three weeks (so, 30 weeks to complete Book E). Lessons 7-10 introduce 5-paragraph writing.

  1. Fables (Character and Voice)
  2. Humor (Humor and Dialogue)
  3. Adventure (Scene and Setting)
  4. Science Fiction (Blending Fiction with Scientific Fact)
  5. Mystery (Elements of a Mystery)
  6. Concrete Poetry (Creating a Shape Poem)
  7. Personal Narrative (Intro to 5-Paragraph Writing)
  8. Descriptive Narrative (Describing Three Items or Events)
  9. Book Report (Responding to Literature)
  10. Nonfiction Report (Collecting Facts)

Want a sneak peek? Download a Sample Lesson from WriteShop Junior Book E. (If you would like to share this lesson with others, link to this post. Do not link directly to the PDF file. Feel free to print this PDF file for your own personal use. Please do not sell or host this file anywhere else.)

. . . . .

Are you looking forward to seeing Book E? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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#1 Melissa on 03.18.14 at 7:55 am

I am really looking forward to this book being released. I know this post is only about a month old but is there any new information on the release of Book E?

#2 Kim Kautzer on 03.18.14 at 2:41 pm

Melissa: I’m so glad you’re excited about Book E! The Teacher’s Guide is at the printer, and we’re working hard to finish up the student workbooks. We hope to release Book E in April sometime, Lord willing!

#3 Marcia on 04.04.14 at 1:15 pm

I have been searching for a writing program for my 4th grader for a long time; I’ve tried many things and he just about cries over them all. I just found out about Write Shop and I’m so excited, it looks like book E will be just right for him next year! I will pray that the Lord IS willing for you to finish SOON!

#4 Kim Kautzer on 04.04.14 at 1:44 pm

Marcia: I’m confident Book E will be released in a month or so. Thanks for praying!

#5 Dana on 04.13.14 at 4:39 pm

Should you complete book D before going on to book E? I am just discovering Write shop and may start using it next school year. My son will be 4th grade and my daughter will be 6th grade. Could they both use D/E or should my daughter use Write Shop I? They are average writers and learn quickly.

#6 Kim Kautzer on 04.13.14 at 5:00 pm

Dana: It’s not necessary to use D first. Because the writing assignments can be adjusted for different levels (to make them more or less challenging), either D or E would work for your children.

The main difference between levels is that Book E will introduce 5-paragraph writing toward the end of the book. Considering your kids’ ages, I’d probably suggest Book E.

#7 Dana on 04.13.14 at 5:27 pm

Thanks, Kim. I’ll wait for book E. Looking forward to it!

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