The Blue Book
of Grammar and Punctuation
Copyright 1997-2004 by Jane Straus. Used by permission.


êêêêê "The best reference I've found."
I've been a technical writer for about seven years, and Jane Straus' The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is the best reference I've found. It's extremely well organized, ensuring that readers can quickly locate a required topic. Concepts are described in clear and simple phrases, and backed up with examples one would find in everyday language.

I can't help but wish I had discovered this book when I was in high school - I know it would have made a huge improvement in my writing skills, but more than that, I might have better understood how English "works." I would happily recommend The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation to anyone who reads or writes.

êêêêê "When my daughters head to college next year, each will have copies of Straus's book."
It's affordable, easy-to-use, thorough---everything you need in a guide for grammar and punctuation. As a fulltime writer I have a robust reference shelf, including the Chicago Manual of Style and Strunk's little book. This one tops them all.

Some years ago I was giving away copies of [Strunk's] Elements of Style because I was so high on it. I still am. But I've found Jane Straus's book to be better.

In college I had a friend whose English professor issued automatic F's to any paper with a punctuation error, no matter how brilliant it might be otherwise. That's a painful way to be reminded that periods go inside quotation marks and not outside. All the English books we had at the time were either ponderous or skimpy. None of them were both easy to use and thorough. Quite possibly if my friend had had Straus's Blue Book he might've kept his scholarship.

Since writing in the corporate world is particularly bad, I strongly recommend business people keep a copy of the Blue Book close at hand. If you're a manager, I suggest you get copies for all your people who write or edit things sent outside your department. You'll probably never get a better return on your investment.

When my daughters head to college next year, each will have copies of Straus's book. I don't say this lightly: Jane Straus, you did a great job!

êêêêê "Practical, usable, beneficial . . . doubles beautifully as a quick reference/study guide."
As the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I get a continual stream of questions from homeschool parents wanting the best resources available for their home classes. After reviewing The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, I can heartily offer it as one of the most practical, usable, beneficial sources that doubles beautifully as a quick reference/study guide and great workbook, [and] which PRODUCES RESULTS. We hope to see more great work by Jane Straus, and are happy to pass along the finds to our audience! [Click here for] our full review at our TOS Magazine website.


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