Complete WriteShop in a Semester

Complete one level of WriteShop in one semester

This schedule allows you to cover both levels of WriteShop in one school year by completing WriteShop I during the first semester and WriteShop II during the second. Students finish one lesson per week.

Because of the amount of daily writing, this schedule is NOT recommended for junior highers who might be frustrated by the fast pace. It works best for older high schoolers (grades 10+) who need to move through WriteShop quickly.

  • A 10th or 11th grader who completes both levels of WriteShop in one school year (one book per semester) will then be able to focus on longer essays, reports, and term papers during the last year or two of high school.
  • A 12th grader who has had little writing experience may also complete both WriteShop books in one year. However, you may want to consider skipping WriteShop I altogether. Instead, start your senior in WriteShop II during the first semester and plan to teach the term paper during the second semester (see Writing Resources for ideas).

Once these students complete WriteShop I, they may be able to handle the one-year schedule for WriteShop II. If not, you can certainly use the two-year schedule again.


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Primary Student Writing Focus

(corresponds to Lesson Plans)

Pre-writing Activities


Practice Paragraph

Student does his/her own Brainstorming


Sloppy Copy

First Revision


Final Draft

Teacher/ Parent Editing




Edit student's first revision

Grade student's final draft

Skill Builder

Day One

Day Two

Day Three










*Shaded boxes indicate teacher-directed tasks.


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