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Product Reviews from Tutors and Teachers

"WriteShop I is working miracles in my class!!! I had about given up on this group of kids. I'm absolutely amazed at the writing I'm getting from them."

---Kristy, California

"I have used WriteShop I and WriteShop II to teach homeschooled students for the past 3 years and have not only seen great improvements in writing skills, but once-reluctant, shy writers have blossomed in their confidence and ability. . . . Your curriculum is exactly what the homeschooling community needs to prepare students for the "new" SAT. Thanks for producing such a needed resource."

---Kyra, North Carolina

"A good friend's daughter, a [poor] writer with no motivation to change, took a WriteShop class and it was then that I saw the power of their program. Her dull, choppy, and useless writing style changed dramatically over just a few weeks. She's still using and polishing the techniques that she learned two years ago."

---Brenda, California

"I just finished teaching WriteShop I to a co-op group and my kids have loved it and so have the parents! Matter of fact, the parents think I am their hero since their kids are writing so well and enjoying it at the same time! :o) But really, it is the program and how well it is laid out especially for me, the teacher! We have loved this program and I am saving it for siblings."

---Rhonda, North Carolina

"I used WriteShop I to teach a writing class for my co-op last year [of] 15 students, 8th-11th grade. I was absolutely amazed at the level of progress in these kids. Students who could barely string words together to make a coherent sentence were writing beautifully by the end of the year. The best part of the program is the emphasis on grammar and punctuation as the kids write. I am a free-lance writer myself but had struggled with how to teach my own kids…. I absolutely LOVE WriteShop. In fact, the parents of my students begged me to teach WriteShop II next year."

---Tammy, Massachusetts

"The mother of the 13-year-old boy [whom I tutor] commented that she couldn't believe the paragraph he wrote after the class at my house. After all the English books he had been through, he still couldn't put a few sentences on paper in an interesting fashion. WriteShop helps [students] learn to do that far better than [Program X]."

---Angie (from the Internet)

"WriteShop is inspired! I’ve been teaching English for a long time---I absolutely love it! I haven’t seen anything in fifteen years that’s given such good results across the board. [Our school has] spent a lot of money in the past looking for something we can get excited about. We’re using WriteShop in all our junior high classes."

---Kathy, California (Christian school administrator)

"A growing need exists in the home schooling community for outside classes that can assist parents who want to continue home educating their children past the elementary years. As young people approach junior high and high school, they begin tackling subjects in which their parents feel weak. Outside classes, either privately taught or formed through co-ops, provide an answer for many of these families. WriteShop can help you meet this need."

---From WriteShop: A Handbook for Teaching in a Group Setting

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