Getting Started with WriteShop

The following resources will help acquaint you with the WriteShop program, as well as provide you with avenues of assistance. We want you and your student(s) to be successful. Do not let this program sit on your shelf gathering dust because you didn’t know where to go for help or encouragement.

Teacher’s Manual. Start on page 9 to acquaint yourself with the program.
2. Peruse the WriteShop website. You’ll find all sorts of resources.
  • Help for Beginners. Specific help for first-time WriteShop users.
  • Parents' Corner has articles and information that make it easier for parents to teach writing.
  • Kids’ Corner contains a wealth of online resources like word games, writing ideas, contests, and more.
WriteShop Forums
  • Ask the Authors. This message board is the place to post if you have a specific question for one of the WriteShop authors. Kim or Debbie will respond to your question quickly, often within 24 hours (unless we’re traveling to conventions).
  • WriteShop Talk. Ask questions of other parents or post tips you think others might find helpful. Share your successes as well as your struggles, learning from one another as you take your kids through the writing process.
Online Tutoring. Even with all the tools WriteShop offers parents, you may still feel more comfortable with the support of an online tutor who will edit and grade your student’s work. Go to Online Tutoring for more information.
Personal Support. If you need specific help, you may contact WriteShop directly.
  • Email. Contact Please include your phone number if you would like to talk in person.
  • Phone. (909) 989-5576




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