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Product Reviews From Homeschool Parents

"I wanted to pass on to you and Debbie that my son CLEP tested out of his [freshman] composition course at Masters [College]! He has shared with me several times that WriteShop was hard work, but it was worth every minute of labor." ---Kathy, California
“You have put together an outstanding product! I can't thank you enough for your sacrificial efforts. I have been teaching my children at home for 14 years and have never found a writing program as well thought out and all-inclusive as yours. My students appreciate it also.” ---Lisa, Washington
“As for writing, I think my favorite is Write Shop - from brainstorming to final draft, [it offers] tools to help you teach and evaluate with confidence. [It’s] packed with ideas, prewriting activities, thorough explanations, as well as samples. What I really like is that it focuses on using precise vocabulary, sentence variety, clarity, while offering a solid writing foundation in incremental lessons.” ---Joan, California
"My children are using your program this year and I must tell you how impressed my husband and I have been with their progress! We were especially surprised at how our son's vocabulary and writing skills have improved. The changes began to appear after the very first section! We have been searching for a writing program that was 'home school friendly,' and after trying many different programs we have found yours to be the best." --- Sue, California
"We love the program. I find it easy to use and extremely helpful. Although I have a strong background in language arts, I have always found it difficult to teach writing in an orderly, systematic way. WriteShop = problem solved!" ---Susan, Washington
"I am ever so pleased with WriteShop. My eighth grader, who was lukewarm about writing and really didn't write too well, is blossoming." ---Sheri, Florida
"We are absolutely thrilled with WriteShop!!" ---Nicola, Alberta, Canada
"Finally, a writing program that truly works. This is so thorough and easy for me to teach. My daughter has learned so much!!! ---Mary, Nebraska
“I love your program so much! I am currently using it with my BRIGHT 6th grader. We see so much improvement already, and I have only used it for two weeks!!! During the past four years of homeschooling, we have tried MANY, MANY other writing programs. Honestly, it was the price that made me wait this long, but you know what they say....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!” ---Elaine, Florida
"...My daughters *love* WriteShop." ---Kim, Kentucky
"My biggest delight in any curriculum is to find mom-friendly guides and also objective forms of evaluation. WriteShop has both. Because you have designed it so well, I can use the format with all three children I homeschool. It covers most learning styles." ---Nancy, Michigan
"I am positively drooling over the curriculum. I've been homeschooling for 14 years, and this seems to exemplify the best combination of well-thought out lesson plans, integration of new material, and interesting and fun exercises for a writing curriculum that I've seen." ---Jackie, Florida
"One of my sisters uses [WriteShop] with her high schooler and is seeing fabulous results." ---BethAnn, Iowa
"I know that using WriteShop has helped me become a better teacher, and my son's writing has improved a lot this year." ---Martha, New Mexico
"I can't think of another program that [offers] such wonderful 'support.'" ---Susie, Florida
"My favorite thing about the whole program is that there is a section in the TM that deals with common mistakes and the correction of those. It helps me to better evaluate the writing and look for those things that I can't quite lay my finger on to describe to [my children] why something feels awkward." ---Shawn, Texas
"By the way, we are having fun with this curriculum. You know how boys are---they mumble about having to write but keep saying 'this is fun'!" --Barbara, Mississippi
"I have a 7th grade son who is a superb reader, is outstanding in the fields of mathematics and science, but REFUSED to write even a basic sentence. We tried almost EVERY program out there and he balked at pretty much all of them, except WriteShop. I think it is due to WriteShop being so FAR away in appearances from the dreaded fill in the blank worksheet. Also [he has] some say as to what object or topic he wishes to write about. This truly has made a substantial difference in his attitude towards writing ." ---Carmen (from the Internet)
"There is no perfect writing program, that's for sure. But for a mom who's insecure about her role in teaching or grading this subject, WriteShop does a splendid job. You can tell these are home school moms who know what other home school moms need!" ---Joanne, Texas
"I would say that if you are having trouble teaching writing, or if your student doesn't take naturally to writing then WriteShop is your best bet." ---Elizabeth, Tennessee
"Quality in every lesson gives this program a push above so many others out there. I really appreciate the Skill Builders that teach what will be expected in the composition. It's this 'learn, practice, use' approach that brings out the quality." ---Nancy S., Michigan
"It is like all my favorite writing programs rolled into one, yet goes even further. It is truly a COMPLETE writing program that I plan on sticking with!" ---Jill (from the Internet)
"We used WriteShop I for 10th and 11th grades and LOVED it. It does a great job at breaking down the steps of building paragraphs…. I have sons [who] are not big fans of writing and this worked really well with them. It really sets a good foundation on which to build and it's easy to follow." ---Sharon (from the Internet)
"I am loving . . . WriteShop. We have had a very successful year---wish you could read some of Andrew's stuff (6th grade)…it's great!! Thanks for a user friendly, very educational system!" ---Sue, California
"I've looked at writing programs every year at our convention and never bought one. This year I finally bought WriteShop…. I like [that] there's enough flexibility in writing topics that we can fit it into what we're studying in history or science." ---Cathy, Pennsylvania
"Thank you very much for creating Write Shop! It has been a pleasure to teach this curriculum and the results are phenomenal. Our son went from hating writing to asking for more!" ---Heily, California
“I love WriteShop. I used to feel so inadequate teaching writing but now I am confident they are learning all the tools they will need for High School level writing.” ---Heather, Montana
"You provide such thorough support online…; it is reassuring to know we’ll be lifted when stumbling.” ---Claudia, Texas
"I have been teaching for going on 20 years and have seen and tried just about everything, but I have never found a writing course as comprehensive in its instruction and support system, as student-savvy as well as student-friendly, and as empathetic with us moms in providing everything we could possibly need to teach this difficult subject . . . My son and I are both sooooo grateful for WriteShop!" ---Catherine, Wisconsin

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