WriteShop® Primary: Choosing Picture Books

Every lesson helps you prepare your child to write by reading a picture book together.
  • If you plan ahead by checking your bookshelves, visiting the library, or buying books in advance, you will always be prepared..
  • Select books you can read in less than 15 minutes.

Picture Book Themes and Topics
Choose books that specifically relate to each lesson’s theme. This chart will help you plan.


writeshop primary a

Choose a Book About...

writeshop primary b

Choose a Book About...

writeshop primary c

Choose a Book That...

Lesson 1

One kind of animal

A child’s or animal’s vacation

Is one of your child’s favorite picture books

Lesson 2

A famous person

Rocket ships, planets, or outer space

Is about a mystery

Lesson 3

Any topic that interests your child

An upcoming holiday

Takes place during a certain type of weather

Lesson 4

Friends or friendship

A collection of nursery rhymes

Is about a child’s personal experience

Lesson 5


A familiar fairy tale

Describes a thing

Lesson 6

Colors  (text of book must have complete sentences)

People, places or things in your neighborhood or community

Describes a famous person

Lesson 7

Any topic, but with rhyming text (or a book of poetry)

A humorous story

Describes a certain place

Lesson 8

Insects or spiders

An ocean theme with a problem and a solution

Your child has never read before

Lesson 9

A child’s experience

An animal as the main character in the story

Is a nonfiction picture book about a favorite topic

Lesson 10

A vehicle

A community helper as the main character in the story

Is a nonfiction picture book about the topic your child will write about for this lesson’s Writing Project

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