Teaching Writing: A Workshop for Parents

Kim Kautzer and Debbie Oldar, authors of the popular WriteShop curriculum, offer a one-day parent workshop to help you teach writing at home. This 6-1/2 hour seminar will help you:

  • Identify age-appropriate composition requirements
  • Identify and teach the elements of a strong paragraph
  • Understand the brainstorming, writing, and revising processes
  • Identify common errors of style and mechanics
  • Learn to subjectively edit and evaluate your student's writing
  • Gain tips for teaching timed essays

The workshop offers much more than lecture! Your active participation will give you firsthand understanding as well as practical, hands-on experience. It is NOT necessary to use WriteShop curriculum to benefit from this helpful seminar.

Note: The workshop is geared toward parents of 5th-10th graders, but others will still gain insight from using these basic principles. Cost varies depending on location and travel expenses. A workshop in Southern California is about $30 per person, including syllabus.

*FREE TUITION: Organize a workshop in your area and receive free tuition with ten participants! (Minimum attendance requirement and cost may increase, depending upon location.)

Please contact WriteShop if you would like to find out about coordinating a workshop in your area, which involves:

  • Helping choose the date and time (try to give us three options that work for you).
  • Arranging for a meeting room at a church or other location (we'll also need a dry erase board, if possible, and an overhead projector; participants need to sit at tables).
  • Determining lunch arrangements—options include (1) bringing sack lunches, (2) having a potluck salad luncheon , (3) eating local fast food on their own, (4) providing lunch for the participants for an additional fee---usually $5 per person.
  • Announcing the workshop to your home school acquaintances (we'll provide you with a master flyer as well as names of other interested homeschoolers in your area).
  • Collecting pre-payments (checks will be made out to WriteShop---you will not need to do any banking).

Coordinator/host receives $3 credit* off workshop tuition for each person or couple you personally enroll. Your tuition is free with 10 paid participants (or $30 in credits*)

E-mail debbie@writeshop.com for additional information.


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