Writing and Homeschool Resources
A wealth of online resources! We’ve searched the Internet to collect a treasure trove of fun and fabulous links for you. Find word games, writing ideas, homeschooling helps, writing contests, enlightening articles, and more.


Writers' Tools and Tips
Writing Contests and Other Cool Links for Students

Elementary grade language arts ideas from CanTeach.com, including poetry, composition, creative writing, writing prompts, and journal topics.

Editing Tips
Strategies for self-editing and proofreading to help students tackle the job more effectively.

Four Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills
Discover how to write effectively and how to avoid making common mistakes.

Poetry for Kids
A site devoted to all sorts of poetry links for kids. Find poetry-writing ideas, contests, poems to read, tips for discussing poetry, sites that explore poetic devices, and more. A fabulous mega-resource!

Ten Creative Writing Assignments
Best suited for junior high and high school students, these ideas help students write descriptive essays, personal narratives, and more.

Tips on Creative Writing
Write about things that have meaning to you! Get into a writing habit! Read more! Find a pen pal! These are some of the practical tips students will learn from Dr. Virginia Lynch Graf in this short but helpful article.

Writer's Digest
This meaty website offers writing tools and resources for everyone. Check out the daily writing prompt and Writing Tip of the Day. Gain new skills as you learn about writing memoirs, family histories, fiction, and children’s stories. Discover what makes a great opening sentence and learn how to improve a story’s descriptive language.

Writing Exercises
Five simple exercises to help writers improve their writing by paying attention to details, stretching creativity, and improving description.

WritingFix was designed by and for writers, teachers, and students of all ages. If you have ever faced a blank page, you’ll appreciate this site’s interactive writing games, which will stimulate your brain into action! WritingFix has over 100 unique experiences for writers including WritingFix for Kids, WritingFix for Poets, grammar and punctuation lessons, daily writing prompt generator, and Interactive Instant Plot, as well as writing tools, resources, games, and ideas galore.

Writing Prompts
Daily writing prompts from Writer’s Digest, plus an archive containing hundreds more. Among others, you’ll find ideas for vocabulary development; writing prompts for describing people, places, and foods; and myriad topics for essays, stories, character sketches, and personal narratives.


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Homeschool Writing Contests
This site features a comprehensive chart of current writing contests. Although some are for homeschool students only, the majority welcome other students as well. Chart includes deadlines, prizes, ages, and more, all in one convenient place.

ApricotPie is a unique website designed by and for homeschoolers, where young people can post their stories, essays, poems, and photography. It’s a gathering of creative writers and thoughtful writing . . . giving homeschool students and graduates together the opportunity to have a voice.

Fire Escape Writing Contest for Teens
A contest for immigrants or internationally-adopted teens who live in the United States or Canada. Entrants must submit an original poem or story that reflects some of the joys and struggles of growing up between two cultures in America. $40 prize. Submissions to the 2007 contests will be accepted from September 1, 2007 until June 1, 2008.

Next Step Magazine Contest
Submit your first-person stories to The Next Step Magazine's $100 teen writing contest!

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Considered one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind, with both regional and national awards. Good guidelines for what is expected, and lots of excellent online samples of winning entries. U.S. and Canadian students in grades 7-12 enrolled in public, private, or home school are eligible. Check their site in October 2008 for entry information and deadlines for the 2009 Awards.

Writer's Digest Monthly Contest
Each month Writer's Digest presents a creative challenge for fun and prizes. The winner will receive a selection of Writer's Digest books worth approximately $100.


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Advanced Composition, Essays, and Term Papers
Online Sources for Copying and Dictation

New SAT: Essay Scoring Guide
Learn what qualifies as a top-scoring essay on the newest SAT college entrance exam.

Research and Writing for High School and College Students
Need to write a term paper? Want to do an A+ job without going totally NUTS? Here's help from the Internet Public Library TeenSpace.

STAR Torrey Academy
Biola University offers challenging online courses for homeschooled high schoolers. Torrey Academy is a strong academic program that emphasizes great literature and extensive writing. The program includes an online writing lab that teaches students to write a research paper. Though it appeals to many homeschooling philosophies, Torrey Academy leans toward a Classical Christian model.

Writing a Research Paper
Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) takes you on a journey through the process of writing a term paper in a step-by-step fashion.


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A Collection of Hymns by Charles Wesley
This index to a public domain edition of hymns written by Charles Wesley contains a wealth of lyrics that make for inspiring copywork. The text is from a hymnbook published in 1889 and edited by John Wesley.

Copying and Dictation Exercises for WriteShop I
Copywork passages especially chosen to accompany corresponding WriteShop lessons.

Easy Homeschooling
Poetry, Shakespeare, and other copying and dictation excerpts.

Parker Family's Copywork Resources
An extensive list of online resources for copying and dictation passages, including poetry, literature, and classical quotations.

The Hymn Database
Description: A series of indexes to a rich collection of hymns that make excellent sources for copying and dictation.


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Word Games
Reference Tools

A Game a Day
Enjoy a new word game, word search, brainteaser, trivia game, anagram, cryptogram, crossword, and more each weekday! Challenge your general knowledge, vocabulary, spelling, memory, concentration, critical thinking, and problem solving. Two levels of play available for all ages.

Online word games for kids. You can spend hours exploring this terrific website!

Find word games, Word of the Day, look up definitions, and more. Or visit Word Central for kids, Merriam-Webster’s online student dictionary and Daily Buzzword.


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A wealth of online literary tools at your fingertips, from Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations and the works of Shakespeare to Strunk’s Elements of Style and The American Heritage Book of English Usage.

A library of resources at your fingertips! Atlas, almanac, dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, news, and more. For example, choose Thesaurus and type your search word in the green box at the top of the page. You'll get an exhaustive list of synonyms, antonyms, and related words.

Rhyme Zone
Free online rhyming dictionary for the poets in your family! Type in a word and pull up a list of words that rhyme. To get more use out of this site, try requesting synonyms, antonyms, similar-sounding words, or a definition. You can even see if your word can be found in a famous quote!

The Word Detective
Find the origin of hundreds of words and phrases. Discover "favorite" words to add to your vocabulary. Search the vast archives for answers to your word questions. A fun and informative website that will keep you browsing for hours!


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Homeschooling Philosophies and Approaches
Homeschool Resources – How to Start

Charlotte Mason
“Charlotte Mason was a big thinker who had a very high view of children.” The Charlotte Mason method has at its core the belief that children deserve to be respected and that they learn best from real-life situations. A Charlotte Mason Education offers an overview of the Charlotte Mason method and philosophy and includes articles, resources, schedules, tips, and support.

Classical Education
The "classical" method began in the Middle Ages and was the approach used by some of the greatest minds in history. The goal of the classical approach is to teach people how to learn for themselves. Classical Christian Education presents the philosophy of classical Christian education and its practical application for homeschooling families with children in grades K-12. Another excellent classical education site is Trivium Pursuit Online.

Eclectic Homeschooling
Eclectic homeschooling is the method used most often by homeschoolers. It can be compared to a buffet that serves “a little of this and a little of that.” Visit Eclectic Homeschooling Online to learn more about this educational philosophy.

Unit Studies
A unit study is a topical and integrated approach to homeschooling. Through unit studies, families can tackle most, if not all, subjects in a multi-disciplinary way. Learn more about unit study basics from unit study developer Amanda Bennett. Other popular resources include KONOS and UnitStudies.com.


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A to Z Home’s Cool
Your guide to some of the best and most useful sites and articles. If it has to do with homeschooling, you’ll probably find it here! Got a few hours? This site is loaded with resources for both parents and kids.

The best advice of seasoned homeschoolers and other educators. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy their articles. Then sit back and browse the Homeschooling Gateway to the Internet!

Cathy Duffy Reviews
Cathy Duffy is one of the most respected names in homeschooling. Through her books and website, Cathy’s goal is to help families successfully educate their own children. Find links, resources, articles, and many of Cathy’s book reviews.

Homeschool Supersearch
Filtered, family-friendly search engine for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers.

This directory is a comprehensive listing of educational resources, websites, and businesses that provide support to the homeschooling community.

HSLDA | Home School Legal Defense Association
HSLDA is the primary advocate and defender of homeschooling families in the United States. They provide members with legal representation regarding homeschooling issues and tirelessly work to change laws and influence policy.

Safe Internet Habits
Learn how you can support, protect, and supply your children with the best educational online resources and with safe appropriate media experiences.

An Internet resource site for the homeschool community. Find helpful links, news, facts, and features.

Helps you get started, guides you through the free homeschooling resources available online, and helps you make the most of your budget and planning time.


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Homeschool Resources – How to Start Homeschooling
Homeschooling Magazines Online

Beginning to Homeschool
A to Z Home’s Cool offers helpful information that lays a foundation for first-time homeschoolers.

Cathy Duffy's Guide to Homeschooling
Determine your educational philosophy and figure out how your children's learning style so you can choose the curriculum that will work best for your family. 

Home Education Resource Guide
Home Education Magazine's information and resource guide provides answers to the questions homeschoolers ask.

This site includes a step-by-step guide for developing your homeschooling approach and finding materials to implement your plan – a help for the uninitiated and veteran alike.

You Can Homeschool
HSLDA presents the basics of homeschooling.


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Eclectic Homeschool Online
EHO.com promotes creative homeschooling through unique resources, teaching methods and online helps. Published from a Christian worldview, but not limited to purely Christian material.

Home School Enrichment Magazine
HSE Magazine provides encouragement, inspiration, practical teaching ideas, complete unit studies, educational craft projects, and much more.

Homeschooling Today
Includes resources, articles, and a database of homeschool organizations nation- and worldwide.

Homeschool World
The “official website of Practical Homeschooling Magazine” contains articles, links, polls, kids’ contests, and more.

Each issue of The LINK homeschool newspaper contains nearly two dozen articles. You’ll find information about specific subjects, articles that deal with life issues like vaccinations and sibling rivalry, and articles about homeschooling in general.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
The online version of this popular homeschooling magazine is characterized by an extensive collection of homeschool product reviews. The Old Schoolhouse also publishes an exceptional quarterly magazine that appeals to homeschoolers of all kinds!


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